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Inventory is a work in progress! Currently the following CD's and Sheet music are available.
CD's:  A Fine Line, Dress Of Dawn, Swingin' Into Hoboken, The Heart Of Gold Band,  A Songbird's Christmas and Seeing Sound And Hearing Color.

Sheet Music: Rhapsody in Eb minor (New Relesase!), Big Sky (Riding The Pioneer), A Wedding Poem, Entangled Tango, New Year's Day, A Book For All Seasons, Fantango, and On Point.

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Travel through the 7 Chakras with music and art. Your purchase includes an audio CD, a digital download card to HD audio tracks and seven - 5x7 postcards. Art and/or Healing Applications

A Fine Line: CD

Original music CD from singer-songwriter, Joan Bujacich. Click in this box now for purchasing information or visit Joan's Songwriter page to learn more about the music.

Dress Of Dawn: CD

Original music CD from singer-songwriter, Joan Bujacich. Click in this box now for purchasing information or visit Joan's Songwriter page to learn more about the music.

Tommy Beau, Swingin' Into Hoboken: CD

Tommy Beau has a voice that captures the sound of the 1940's and 50's . He has the warmth and personality of a Tony Bennett and the phrasing and character of a Frank Sinatra. Click to read more.

A Songbird's Christmas: CD

Songbird, Kathy Knittel, along with Joan Bujacich and Joe Bilotti bring you tidings of joy and love! You still have time to get this CD by Christmas!


Click in this box now for purchasing information or go to the main menu, Performer/Heart Of Gold Band for more information.

BIG SKY, RIDING THE PIONEER: Piano Solo, Sheet Music

Inspired by a train ride from Denver Colorado to Pocatello Idaho, this piano composition is on the early advanced level. Suspended animation depicts a special moment riding The Pioneer.

A Wedding Poem: Piano Solo, Sheet Music

Piano Solo in the light classical/new age genre. Beautiful and uplifting music, easy on the ears, needs a Mozart like touch with a modern ear and feel. Level: Late Intermediate. Length: 9 pages

Entangled Tango: String Quartet, Sheet Music

String Quartet in the style of Astor Piazzolla but a bit more classical in nature. Beautiful, uplifting music with equal attention to all instruments. Originally commissioned by local quartet.

New Year's Day: Piano Solo, Sheet Music

Piano Solo- This is a moving short two paged composition welcoming the new year. it is reflective and yet it is like a prelude in that it leaves the listener ready for new beginnings.

A Book For All Seasons: Piano Solo, Sheet Music

A Book For All Seasons is a collection of 9 early elementary piano solos that journey through the school year starting with Fall and finishing with summer. Teacher friendly, rote or reading.

Fantango: Piano Solo, Sheet Music

A piano solo for the Late Elementary, Early Junior level. Performed with a Spanish dance like flair, this 4 paged selection is a great recital piece!

On Point: Piano Solo, Sheet Music

A 4 paged elementary piano solo in 3/4. This is a lovely lilting selection perfect for a recital. Can be taught by rote or reading.

RHAPSODY iN Eb Minor: Piano solo, Sheet Music

Piano solo in a modern classical style. The music expresses a wide range of emotion, taking both the performer and audience on a fantastic journey. Advanced. Length:14 pages