Heart Chakra Meditation

 The Heart Chakra connects us to the feelings of others. Through self acceptance we are able to empathize and sympathize with our fellow travelers in a harmonius exchange of energy. 

 The Heart Chakra governs the respiratory and circulatory systems.  It is the 4th chakra from the base, located at mid-chest. View the painting Eternal Heart while listening to the 4th track from Seeing Sound, Hearing Color.   
Download image: Eternal Heart 

Download The Heart Chakra from Itunes Here.


Enhance your meditation experience with scents and stones.
Use aroma therapy oils in your diffuser or directly on your Heart Chakra.
Hold a stone in the palm of your hand while listening to the music.
Aroma Therapy Oils: Melissa, Rose, Geranium
Stones: Aventurine, Rose, Quartz, Malachite, Jade
When ready to begin your meditation, follow the guidelines below and  press the play button to listen to the audio for The Heart Chakra: 


  • Place the image of the heart chakra in front of you (preferably in a frame on a table or tape it to a wall so you can easily view it at eye level)
  • Sit in a quiet area so that you will not be disturbed.
  • With your eyes focused on the image practice breathing deeply, inhaling to a count of four and exhaling to a count of four. You may want to do this for about seven times in order to clear your mind of all thoughts .
  • As you find yourself becoming more relaxed, begin playing the music of the fourth chakra, continue focusing on the image. When you find your eyelids getting a little heavy close your eyes and focus inward to the heart chakra. 
  • Breathe in gratitutde for your life.  
  • Focus on those in your life who bring you energy and light.
  • Send love and light to someone in your life in need.
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