Digital Download, Sheet Music: Entangled Tango: String Quartet

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An original composition for 2 violins, viola and cello written by Joan Bujacich. Images set to music by Joan Bujacich.  

This Tango may be a bit reminiscent of an Astor Piazzolla Tango though it is a bit more classical in nature. There is a lot of counterpoint and pretty melodies weaving between the instruments. Many string quartets  enjoy performing this music at wedding cocktail parties and the like since it is fun, melodic, and uplifting in nature. Composer, Joan Bujacich added images to the music. Click the link below to listen to the audio.  There is only a midi version of the music available at this time. 

Entangled Tango - Audio/Video link (YouTube)


String Quartet
Level: Late Intermediate.
Length: 9 pages (All four parts)
Style: Light Classical, Latin
Audio/Video: on Youtube 
Sample pages:one
Performance Time:6 minutes 14 seconds

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