Digital Download, Sheet Music: A Wedding Poem, Piano Solo (NJ Birds 2021-22, Winter - Soundtrack)

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A Wedding Poem is a very uplifting composition that is very suitable to perform at wedding ceremonies and other inspirational ceremonies. It also is a beautiful piece of music that can be performed in any concert setting.  If performed as a processional or recessional selection, a performer can pick and choose sections to suit the occasion. 9 pages; 

This music was also used as the soundtrack for the video New Jersey Birds, 2021-22, Season I , Winter. It works beautifully as images of birds unfold aginst winter settings.  

Composed with the intention of being listener friendly, the composition is harmonically very diatonic. Yet musical challenges are inherent in its ever flowing motion which requires a sensitive and refined touch. As the music unwinds, it takes the audience on a pastoral like journey. Composer, Joan Bujacich, set her music to images which you can enjoy on youtube.

Watch on Youtube: A Wedding Poem 

Watch on Youtube in: New Jersey Birds, Season I, Winter


Sample sheet music: A Wedding Poem, 2 page sample

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Piano Solo
Level: Late Intermediate
Length: 9 pages
Style: Light Classical, New Age
Audio/Video: available on Youtube 
Sample pages: 2


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