Travel Through the 7 Chakras with Music and Art
Awaken, Inspire, and Energize the Subtle Energies of the Body!

The music for each Chakra is composed to its own individual             healing frequency.

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Seeing Sound and Hearing Color celebrates the union of art and music with vibrations, the medicine in all of creation. This multi-dimensional offering consists of a CD of original compositions written by Joan Bujacich, a Download Card to 7 High Definition audio tracks of the music, and seven -  5x7 postcards of original paintings by Sandra Del Cioppio. Sandra initiated the project with her paintings of the seven chakras which capture the emotional vibrations in a unique and personal way. Joan then channeled that energy, composing electronic music that is in union with the essence of each chakra. The combincation creates a unique healing environment that centers, awakens, inspires and energizes the subtle energies of the body The vibrations of the art and music can be experienced as pure art or can be a powerful tool in various healing modalities.

Multiple Applications, Improve Focus and Concentration,
Promote Healing

  • Privately for self care

  • Healing professionals involved in energy work; including Crystal Healing and Reiki,

  • Reiki, Energy & Crystal Healing, Massage Therapy

  • Behavioral & Psychotherapy 

    Note: The reverse side of the art and information cards explain each chakra, the body systems they govern, the gemstones, and the corresponding aromatherapy oils.


Sample  Seeing Sound, Hearing Color with a video meditation through the Heart Chakra  Here. 

Sample excerpts from three of the audio tracks:

The Sacral.....that dances with gentle joy


THE HEART,..... that loves in and out 

The Crown.....that blesses pure spirit


Complete track listing:

1. The Root............... .that grows from deep within
2The Sacral.... .........that dances with gentle joy
3. The Solar Plexus.....that rises with determination
4. The Heart...............that loves in and out
5. The Throat.............that sings and speaks with intention
6. The Third Eye........that tunes into the guides of inspiration
7.  The Crown............that blesses pure spirit


How To Purchase Seeing Sound, Hearing Color

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You can also download the music from:  AMAZON  or ITUNES 


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Sandra and Joan are available to do live presentations of this collaborative work. 

Music Composed and Produced by Joan Bujacich
Original Art Created by Sandra Del Cioppio

All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2019