Digital Download, Sheet Music: RHAPSODY in Eb Minor, Piano Solo

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George Rothman, conductor of NY City's Riverside Symphony writes:   "Beautiful job, great harmonies, and love the combination of euro-russo and jazz elements that you’ve melded together. Bravo for this and your terrific performance."

This composition was originally written to be performed for a special meeting of The Music Educator's Association of NJ in celebration of their 90th anniversary.Though it was completed for its deadline,  it was not performed as planned.

The music employs various pianistic elements starting with a simple alberti bass in the LH accompanying a RH melody and then expanding to Chopin like arpeggio figures along with  improvisational-like elements. The cold, stark, middle section with it's march like spirit explodes into a Prokofiev like section before returning to a final statement of the opening theme. Be sure to listen to the composer's performance set to images from the Youtube link.

YouTube, Audio/Video link:Rhapsody in Eb minor 

View: Rhapsody iN Eb Minor, Sample Page


Piano Solo
Level: Advanced
Length: 14 Pages plus cover
Style: Modern Classical
Audio/Video: on Youtube 
Sample pages:one
Performance Time: 7 minutes

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