Digital download, Sheet Music: No. 1, In Sonata Style, Sonata Lost, Piano Solo

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This is the first of three "In Sonata Style" compositions. Written for Late Intermediate/Advanced students, they are a welcome addition for any serious performer's repertoire. They were composed in a way which combines the pianism of the classical period with the elements of 21st century harmony and style. A little Philipp Glass, Ludovico Einaudi, Yann Tiersen and Prokoviev, mixed with jazz harmonies and Mozart like Alberti bass and scale figures makes for a 21st sound that connects to the performer and listener. "In Sonata Style #1" is in three movements: Allegro, Andante and Allegro con brio.

Be sure to watch the video productions of this composition. Here, the composer, Joan Bujacich set the composition to images. The first and third movements use abstract graphics over video clips of her performing the music. The second movement uses the actual sheet music as the graphic imagery in a unique and fun way, The videos all suggest a modern dance like interpretation to the music.


 Watch on Youtube:


Sample page , 1st movement

Sample page, 3rd movement


Level: Later Intermediate/Advanced
Length: 14 Pages plus cover
Style: Modern Classical
Audio/Video: on Youtube 
Sample pages: two
Performance Time:7.9 minutes

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