Digital Sheet Music: M-O-T-H-E-R, A Word That Means The World To Me

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Looking for a great traditional song to play for your Mom or Grandmother for Mother's Day or anytime of year? M-O-T-H-E-R, A Word That Means The World To Me is from 1915 and was written by Theodore F. Morse  and the words were written by Howard E Johnson. Ms. Bujacich created a cleaneasy to read version with Alpha Notes in the key of F. It also has the words included. Fun for the family to sing-a-long!  She simplified the rhythm so that there are no eighth notes and kept it in the original key of F but did not use a key signature. Instead, to make it easier, she just puts in the Bb's and other accidentals as needed.  If you are looking for a harder version check out her Intermediate version also found  on Sheet Music Direct and Sheet Music Plus.  Ms. Bujacich also has tutorials available from Youtube, so be sure to subscribe to her channel. She has been arranging music for her students over many decades giving her an edge on creating accessible and satisfying music for all level pianists, including children, adults and professionals. She goes the extra mile to bring you professionally notated scores that sound great and are created with love and care.  

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