Digital Download, Sheet Music: Three Devotions For Voice and Piano by Joan Bujacich

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The first Devotion, Falling To Earth, is lighter in spirit than numbers 2 and 3. Though it is more classical in style, it also has an almost theatrical quality. The lyrics are challenging and require an effortless technic to keep the music light and sung with movement. Number two, With Wonder,  is more in the style of an art song. The melody is mysterious and the accompaniment weaves in and out, sometimes preceding the vocal melody with melodic material which makes for some rhythmic and phrasing challenges for the vocalist. The over all affect is very haunting and beautiful.  And number three, Sing Praise is very much a prayer. It is the most simplistic harmonically of the three but it is this simple beauty that makes it so attractive. Two themes converge in the last section bringing the music to a joyous conclusion. This composition will uplift an entire congregation in praise of God with the lyrics "Alleluia, Alleluia, voices sing eternally. Thanks be to God, to thee I sing."

The debut performance by Kathy Knittel, mezzo soprano, and Joan Bujacich, piano, can be found on youtube. Joan set each Devotion to images, each video along with the music is unique and intriguing.


YouTube Devotion #1, Falling To Earth:

YouTube Devotion #2, With Wonder:

YouTube Devotion #3, Sing Praise,

22 pages including 18 pages of music, cover and lyrics


Sample page of music: