On This Day Earth Shall Ring

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This 15th or 16th century Latin carol has a simialr melody to a carol that dates back to a 1360 manuscript from Moosburg, Germany.  The refrain, Id-e o-o-o translates to "Sing For Joy".  There are many beautiful choral arrangements of this carol but very few piano renditions.  Joan was introduced to many beautiful carols through her former student, Lauren Meyer.  This was one of the carols she came across while playing at Lauren's church for a Christmas luncheon . It is dedictaed to Lauren, who always supported her music and her teaching. 

The arrangements is in a classic style with left hand alberti like accompaniment figures and employs  more contrapuntal 2 part writing.


Listen to a piano version on youtube here: Audio- On ThiS Day, Earth Shall Ring 

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