Digital Download: Danny Boy (Oh, Danny Boy) Flute and Piano (HOLIDAY SALE)

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 Danny Boy, (Oh Danny Boy): This  is a lovely arrangement of the beautiful Irish Air, Danny Boy. Looking for some beautiful piano music for Saint Patrick's Day or other Irish celebratory events, this is a must! Joan Bujacich arranged this so that it can be played by a pianist doing a gig with a flute player where not a lot of work is required or also for students playing small ensemble works. It is in C and not too difficult to learn as far as rhythm and technique. The notation is clean and friendly. Ms. Bujacich also has a piano solo version available here in The New Music Store and on Sheet Music Plus. The interaction between the flute and piano is very warm and subtle.

Instant Download, Royalty Free, can be purchased here or on Sheet Music Plus.

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