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“Celebrate the union of art and music with vibrations, the medicine in all of creation." 

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Heart Chakra meditation! Experience the Heart Chakra here, check it out!

If you haven't checked out  my project with artist/healer, Sandra Del Cioppio, Seeing Sound, Hearing Color, please do. The music and art for this project was created to support a person’s healing process while journeying through the 7 chakras. Specific frequencies that vibrate with a given chakra, and specific colors that vibrate with a given chakra are used so that the energy related to that chakra can be released to fulfill its healing potential. One way to experience this is by  listening to the music and absorbing the art while focusing on a chakra that needs to be addressed. One can do this in a meditative fashion or even while doing yoga.  One can also just play the music in a more passive setting, like in your car,  to help ground and calm you. This approach can  alter one’s physiological activity in order to improve health or performance in a similar way to bio feedback. If you are new to the world of chakras and metaphysical healing modalities, the art cards have information related to each chakra that  will help educate you and enlighten your senses.,

To learn more about this project visit the Store and the the webpage for Seeing Sound Hearing Color! If you are into alternate healing practices, the chakras, meditation, yoga, reiki, energy therapy; you will love this project! And if this is new to you, this may be a great way  to introduce yourself to these powerful healing technics.   I am very excited about this collaboration with Sandra and I am very excited about the music I created which was inspired by Sandra, her art, and her person. We have been getting great feedback from people who have added this into their various healing modalities. Please check it out! 

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A SONGBIRD TRIO Is Back In The Studio

We are working on some new holiday music for next season. We had our first session at R.E.M. Studio on Feb. 21, 2020 and it was so much fun! Next week we will be back with bass and drums!

Two great concerts in Nov/Dec. 2019: The Songbird Trio comprised of Kathy Knittel, lead vocals, Joanie Bujacich, piano/vocals, and Joe Bilotti, guitar/vocals had a great time performing for warm, receptive audiences at Faith Lutheran Church in Pocono Lake, PA and St. Timothy Lutheran Church ln Wayne, NJ . We performed  songs from Kathy's CD, A Songbird's Christmas, along with some new holiday songs and non-holiday acoustic favorites. 



My students, a continuous source of inspiration 

I have a very enthusiastic and talented class of students right now. Last  season ended on a high note with seven of my students achieving the highest honor of Outstanding in the MEA Auditions. I also had four students perform at Caldwell University in  April for the Original Composition Festival!  One received Honorable Mention in the Eric Steiner Original Composition Competition, Junior category.  Another student made MEA history by performing an original electronic music composition, using two synthesizers and the software program Ableton.  I am very blessed to have wonderful students of all ages who share such a love of music and piano!


It is happening, the gig is on!

Social distancing protocol applies

We are very happy to announce that we will be performing for the Morristown Summer Concert series on the evening of Tuesday, July 28th. This is a free outdoor concert. Bring the whole family, chairs, blankets, food and have some fun with us. The line-up is: Joan Bujacich, Joe Bilotti, Joe Howell and John Hummel. Ginty Field is located at: 50 Woodland Ave.   This is always a fun night. Hope to see you there.

7:00 - 8:30.
Ginty Field # 2
50 Woodland Ave., Morristown

What you may have missed in 2019: The concert at CCM Music, Performing Arts and Music Technologies featuring Morris County's own Heart of Gold Band, on Friday, September 20, 2019 was great!  The event took place at the Music Technology Center, Ampitheatre.   The sound provided by Lenny Grasso was the best! The weather was perfect for an early fall evening, the two opening original  bands were great and the turnout was awesome! Thank you for coming and showing your support for the first Songs At Sunset Concert. The CCM crew did a fantastic job putting this together, we are so grateful that you asked us to kick off  your first outdoor evening concert!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2019: Morristown Festival On The Green
With special guest, Jon Skibic (Afghan Whigs)

Another wonderful year at The Festival On The Green in Morristown.  We once again lucked out with beautiful weather and a great turnout!  Thank you for coming out and  for showing your support and enthusiasm.  It was so much fun!  And having Jon Skibic join us for the first 90 minutes was wild! The dualing guitar work was a real crowd pleaser and so exciting!

Asking the band back year after year for this prestigious festival is a testament to the band's ability of pleasing a large, broad base audience. We woulkd love to do more festivals and summer concerts, so talk us up in your towns if you can!  Check out the Band's Webpage and EPK (Electronic Press Kit). The Press Package includes short bios on all the talented members, a song list, press, links to videos and other information that you might find interesting!

To book the band contact: Joanie:  joaniebeau@yahoo.com or Joe: J7Bilotti@aol.com

 Visit the Store to purchase the Heart Of Gold CD, $10.00  includes shipping!

 September 28, 2019: HOGB, Quartet version with Victor Ruiz on drums (drummer from Soft Parade)!  American Legion, Whippany, NJ.

This gig turned out to be a blast! It was for a great cause and  the local Whippany people know how to have fun! Victor did a great job playing all of our repertoire which is not an easy task!  and we had special frineds drive in from PA to joing the fun which was really special!



Video of the Month

The sheet music for Rhapsody in Eb minor, my latest solo piano composition, is now available to purchase from my Store

George Rothman, conductor of Riverside Symphony, NYC, writes:  "Beautiful job, great harmonies, and love the combination of euro-russo and jazz elements that you’ve melded together. Bravo for this and your terrific performance."

You can listen to the music set to fantastical images here or just listen to the audio from Soundcloud.!

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Joan helped organize the judges for the Lifetime TV series Pitch Slapped, a reality show  that featured NJ High School a cappella groups. One of the coaches for the show was Deke Sharon, music director for the Pitch Perfect films!  Joan is pictured here judging with Joe Bilotti and Diane Hessinger.  She ended up judging on three episodes and actually got to present the trophy's and speak on camera as well! What fun!