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In Memory of the Composer Gian Carlo Menotti (1911-2007)

Many years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Gian Carlo Menotti in his Upper East-side Apartment in New York City. At the time, I was launching a piano magazine for students entitled- "On Key The Magazine For Young Pianists". Our "Premier" Issue was to be released in December and I thought that an article featuring Mr. Menotti would be really great because of his children's Christmas Opera "Amahl and The Night Visitor". I don't know how I managed to get my first phone call through to him but in that conversation he agreed to an interview. I was to call again to set up the actual interview after his return from a short business trip. I was absolutely ecstatic about getting this interview. After this initial conversation, I rushed out to get the only Menotti biography I could find and began to intensely prepare for the extensive interview that was to follow. When I called as planned, I had my tape player ready for our conversation and managed to capture part of our conversation. You will see that he tries to get out of his original commitment. Not being prepared for this change of events, I try to stay calm and scramble to convince him that the interview would really be appropriate for our young readers. Notice how the recording begins with "Ms. Bujacich - you are indefatigable".

This interview is totally unedited and in its entirety- there is a split second of someone singing on the tape - the technology for phone recordings was not of the likes of today! (I am either very brave or still naive to share it as is, so please keep in mind I was very young when I did this which was over 20 years ago- my first official interview for the magazine!)

Clip 1: Phone Conversation (3:53 Minutes)
Please note that the phone conversation is of poor quality, but the audio quality of the rest of the actual interview is much better.

The Actual Interview
Live from Gian Carlo Menotti's Upper Eastside Apartment (3 segments)

Clip 2: Live Interview p.1 (2:28 Minutes)
Mr. Menotti had prepared answers to questions I had mailed to him beforehand and he read them back into the tape player. Later he became a bit more spontaneous which then became more interesting! Here he mainly speaks about his studies as a young person and the value of piano as a composer.

Clip 3: Live Interview p.2 (1:38 Minutes)
I can't remember why we stopped the tape. It may have been because the son of the composer Norman Dello Joio had stopped in on our meeting. He speaks later in the interview.

Clip 4: Live Interview p.3 (9:18 Minutes)
In the beginning of this segment, his maid entered the parlor and began to dust. It was quite comical. She actually had a feather duster and was humming as she danced around the room. You can hear her humming in the background and then listen for Mr. Menotti requesting that she silence herself! It was really funny!

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Joanie on air with Kath - Oct. 20, 2006
"Swirly Sunburst"
with Kath Cameron
Fridays from 1pm-3pm
Promoting Fall Fest 2006 for St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center

"Music, radio and free expression have always been so important in my life. I remember listening to my little am/fm radio in my room feeling connected to a much bigger, more interesting world. These days I am liking music that swirls in my head or makes me want to get swirly on the dance floor. So listen in for some singer songwriters, funk, reggae, local yocals... chat and a homey swirly spin on organically grown radio."

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Thanks to Mark Commasso for recording the show! Thanks to Todd , Kath and Kate and the "Homegrown Radio NJ" Family for supporting Independent Artists like myself!

Listen to the interview
This is a two hour show. We took out the music clips to save space but if you want to listen to the music that went with the interview, the songs are listed as they were presented on the show.

Part 1 - 13:53 minutes

Music from Joanie: Drive So Free - Let It Dance - Fairy Tale

Part 5 - 8:42 minutes

Music from Tommy Beau: Mack The Knife - The Summer Wind

Part 8 - 16:38 minutes

Music From Jeremy Wallace: House Painter In America - I'm Your Man

Part 11 - 4:05 minutes

Great NJ station that supports independent artists.
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Joan was interviewed by Desiree Dunn on Oct. 14th, 2006 to help promote Fall Fest 2006 for St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center.

Listen to The Interview - Click the MP3 Player below!

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Art Music Coffee House - Host, Don Slepian

Joe and I performed on the internet radio show Art Music Coffee House on September 17th, 2003. I was so impressed with the host Don Slepian, what a bright man and fine musician. It is a 2 hour show but you can listen to parts and skip around a bit when you have a chance. Or, if you have the time, do the full 2 hours!

Streaming RealAudio files:
ArtMusicCoffeehouse Part #1
ArtMusicCoffeehouse Part #2


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