"Throughout my career I have written and played music in many different styles and for many different audiences. For my singer-songwriter music, you can sample songs on the CD page here on my website. On the Book an Event page, you can find samples of me singing and playing jazz standards. And on this page you will find a wide variety of music that I have composed over the years. I perform on all the compositions except Joe's Lament.

"Into 96"
This is a composition I wrote back in 1996. It is written for cello, violin, percussion and piano. David Yee performs on percussion, Gretchen Gonzales performs on cello, Carol Shearer on violin and I am playing piano. I hope you enjoy the music. I had a home studio at the time and it was recorded on an eight track reel to reel.

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"I Wanna Wear Your Skin"
This song was also recorded back in the late 1990's in my then home studio. I can't remember all the details but Jon Skibic plays guitar and Tom Cabrera is playing drums. I did all the synth, piano, vocals and sequencing. This really should be used in some weird suspense like flick - the type I don't watch. Enjoy!

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"The Boxer"
I was commissioned to write a piece of music for dancer "Joe Orrach". The piece starts out with a really beautiful and haunting melody (if I do say so myself!) and Joe does more of a modern dance to open up the piece but don't be fooled. The piece takes a turn into a funk jazz groove and Joe starts tapping! You have to see him tap dance while jumping rope... very cool! This performance was recorded in Berlin at The Wintergarden Theatre under the direction of David Shiner in the show Nacht Monde. I composed and arranged the music!

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Three original Piano Compositions: Live Performance Cami Hall - NYC 1995
Composed and Performed by Joan Bujacich

1. A Song And A Dance
2. Big Sky (Riding on The Pioneer)
3. Fantasy To Toad Hall

Here is a whole other style of writing! I needed to get myself back on a stage playing some "serious" piano so I submitted some music I had written to the composers group "Eclectix" and I found myself getting back onto a stage all by myself playing in front of a musical and astute audience (yikes!)! We were having a Northeaster that night (of course) but many brave dedicated people made it over to 56th Street across from Carnegie Hall to check out the concert.

People have said the music is reminiscent of anything from Ravel, Scriabin, to Gerswhin. As the composer I can say there is some Prokofiev, Ginastera, and jazz sensibility brewing up in there. In any case, the written music will be available soon but for now you can listen to the actual live recording.