The following links are of musical friends, some of which perform on my CD's or I perform with live. (Sample their music, it will be well worth your time.) The other links are of friends with various talents whom I'd like you to meet, so be sure to scroll down!

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Now available as MP3's for download! These two holiday songs were recorded back in the early 1990's and were first released on cassette. Elmer is the performing artist. I perform on both songs and helped produce both songs along with Patrick DeLage and and I co-wrote the first song "Oh Santa Claus" with Patrick DeLage. They were featured on WDHA Homegrown Radio when first released. Ho Ho Ho!

Elmer: Christmas With Elmer

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Jeremy Wallace has now released his third CD. Jeremy is a fine songwriter and guitarist. He takes some piano/theroy lessons with me. I love this CD!

Jeremy Wallace Trio: Suicide Suitcase

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This is the second CD for Dubious Pastry. They are a very talented young band. The songwriting and production ideas are great on this CD. John Meyer one of the two main writers and the main vocalist and pianist studied piano with me for 11 years! He is quite a talent! Check this out- this is an impressive self produced CD and it has a lot of substance.

Dubious Pastry: Cooties

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My friend Carol has another CD available! If you like tasteful sultry jazz and fine guitar playing check out her newest CD - "Comes Love"!

Carol Hamersma: Comes Love

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Joe Bilotti: Music director for my latest CD "A Fine Line", Joe and I perform quite regularly together. He is also playing on "Swingin' Into Hoboken"! If you are interested in hearing him with the Doors tribute Band "Soft Parade" go to this web site: For more information visit:

Patti Davis and Bandit - Joan recorded with the Country Band "Patti Davis & Bandit". She is featured on three of the songs on their new CD "Lonely Street" which was released September, 2001! You can check out some of the music and get more information on their web site.

Tony Dente - Tony played some drums on "Swingin' Into Hoboken" and is a super nice and talented guy. He plays with lots of local NJ bands including the Santana Tribute Band, so check his web site for listings.

Kidzmusik - My friends Joey and carmen have the most innovative music program for pre-schoolers! If you are in North Jersey and looking for music before piano lessons (with me of course) then take a look here:

John Segreto: Check out some of my Uncle's beautiful paintings! John has, I believe, over 1000 paintings which cover different styles and periods of his life, all unique and compelling.

My cousin Juliette is a fantastic acupuncturist and an expert in Chinese Herbs. Her office is in New York City. She also has a great newsletter about health and healing. Check out her web site:

Paul Silverman - Photographer -Paul Silverman is the man who shot the photos for my first CD and for "A Fine Line" (and for every band I have been in for 15 plus years!) We even had a confrontation with the police shooting the cover for the latest CD! If you are looking for a great artist/photographer e-mail Paul at:

Pat Walker - My friend and multi talented student Pat has a wonderful interior design business.

And another former student of mine - Howard Stone, started this fantastic web site with his beautiful wife- Marika. They have several books out and have been written up in the NY times and well- if you are retiring young and want to pursue some dreams you set aside, they can help you!

CodeMonkey Design - Great web site builder!
Marty Brasington - Many people have complimented me on my web site. Well, here is the man behind the curtain! (He also designed and built the Kidz Musik site above.) If you want to find out about his services check out his web site:

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